Ben Snyman, CEO & Founder

July 20, 2017 – Calgary, Ab – SafetyVantage Inc.

SafetyVantage is pleased to announce the release of their Confined Space Awareness online training course. The course covers relevant provincial and federal legislation and is designed to engage learners throughout the course.  The course focuses on confined space identification, hazard assessment and control, roles and responsibilities, safe work procedures, and confined space rescue.

Confined spaces are everywhere. These spaces are dangerous work environments. The hazards within them often have an increased risk, due to limited access and egress combined with poor ventilation, hazardous surroundings, or energized equipment. When workers unknowingly enter oxygen deficient or toxic atmospheres, the results can be fatal. Across industries, employees are often unable to identify confined spaces and are unaware of the potential hazards and risk to workers health and safety when entering a confined space. When rescuers attempt to assist fallen co-workers without taking appropriate control measures, the result can be catastrophic – According to National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), more than 60 percent of confined space fatalities are “would-be-rescuers.”

Next Steps For Employers:

SafetyVantage Confined Space Awareness

This dynamic course is designed for any worker that is working in and around potential Confined spaces and that needs to be aware of the hazards that they pose. The course is delivered online and includes interactive exercises and quizzes. Once a trainee successfully completes the course a Confined Space Awareness training certificate is issued online.

Take Confined Space Awareness now – $34.95

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