In today’s economy and with today’s mobile culture it just makes business sense to implement online learning. Online training (or ‘eLearning’) is the leading edge of the educational industry. Organizations that harness its potential consistently produce more educated and more competent employees, which results in increased efficiencies, including:

  • Lower costs
    Online learning can be up to 10X cheaper than traditional training methods. That’s because, unlike the traditional classroom-based training, there are no significant overhead costs to print materials, book classrooms, pay instructors and travel & accommodation costs for individual students. Online training also doesn’t need to fill classrooms to make it cost effective, nor do your employees have to take an entire day to travel and take a class. You can buy one course at a time, or purchase corporate bulk and/or subscription bundles – so you can choose to train-as-you-go without committing significant resources to a single class.
  • Training Tracking
    We provide a comprehensive management system so that every organization can track and monitor all of their enrolled learners’ progress, results, and upcoming renewals. This includes email notifications to supervisors or administrators of training certificates and certificate expiration dates, assisting with the day-to-day compliance and organizational due diligence.
  • Better Retention
    Studies show that online trained students retain more knowledge than traditional classroom-based trained students. With online training’s proven retention rates, of around 60%, compared to classroom-based training retention rates, that only average 8-10%, the benefit is obvious. SafetyVantage’s innovative courses are designed  to be fully interactive with audio and video components to maximize engagement, understanding, and retention. Our self-paced learning approach offers all the benefits of immersive instruction without the pressure of a classroom.
  • Convenience
    If you have staff that work in remote locations or have busy, restrictive schedules, in-class training is costly and impractical, and sometimes, it’s almost impossible. However, you still need to meet regulatory and legal training requirements. Internet access and wireless data coverage has reached a point where most employees have access to the internet around the workplace, making it convenient for workers to take online training during their down-time. Enable your employees to complete courses and exams at a life-friendly pace.
  • Relevant
    All SafetyVantage courses are kept current with industry and legal requirements and best practices. Our staff of experienced safety professionals, including Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs), both design and review our eLearning content regularly to ensure that our courses are relevant and accurate.
  • Time, Pace and Productivity
    Online training typically requires 40-60% less employee time commitment than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting. Course access is immediate, and can be used on a just-in-time basis. Students can start, stop, and then restart where they left off when they have the capacity during their work day. Our flexible solution enables learners to progress at their own pace, without losing sight of the timelines your organization set. Gain valuable hours of productivity formerly spent in the classroom or driving to and from it. SafetyVantage will keep your staff actively involved with online courses that fit into even the busiest of schedules.
  • Consistency and Quality
    With SafetyVantage’s online training, each student receives the same instruction and the same course material. This kind of consistency is impossible to achieve with traditional classroom training. You can trust us to provide the same exceptional service and content standard each and every time.