Press Release: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness

Ben Snyman, CEO & Founder February 8, 2018 – Calgary, AB – SafetyVantage Inc. By 2013, the number of shale oil wells in Saskatchewan rocketed from a mere 75 in 2004 to nearly 3000, bringing with them jobs, profit, and an increased risk of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) hazards. Meanwhile, in just under a ten-year span, [...]

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Press Release: SafetyVantage Releases Working Alone Awareness Course

Ben Snyman, CEO & Founder December 12, 2017 – Calgary, AB – SafetyVantage Inc. Lone workers can be receptionists working in isolated lobbies, home-care nurses conducting patient visits, long haul drivers transporting goods, and custodians cleaning offices late at night. There’s an inherent danger to solitary jobs. If something happens, will other people know about [...]

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Road Safety & Emergency Preparedness (M009)

SINGLE COURSE PRICE $150.00 Buy Now DURATION: 8 HOURS PASSING GRADE: 80% EXAM ATTEMPTS: 3 Road Safety & Emergency Preparedness The objectives of this course are to teach the learners about road safety concerns to enable them to pursue and promote safer driving habits. This professionally narrated [...]

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