Partnering with the Best

We partner with the best  – industry leaders that understand the importance of OHS and are
committed to the practical implementation of OHS to the benefit of the entire workforce.

Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) is an Alberta Government approved Certifying Partner. The AASP is a service focused providing a practical and reasonable approach to health and safety in the workplace. The AASP is also the largest Certifying Partner that serves all industries in Alberta. The AASP is relentless at finding ways of improving the value for its members and has pioneered and been the early adopter of technical solutions that improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Solaris Fatigue Management utilizes a human factors approach to mitigate fatigue related risk. Solaris offers risk assessments, education and training options, and program guidance that reflects current evidenced based science to optimize health, safety and performance. Solaris’ clients include Canadian and US government agencies, labor groups, safety associations and private industry including transportation, energy, construction, manufacturing, health care, arts & entertainment, and first responder industries.

Healthy Worker is the leading provider of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Health services in Southern Alberta. Its mobile fleet provides onsite professionals to reduce costs associated with Occupational Health and Safety compliance requirements. The Healthy Worker Professional Clinic Staff  provide complete drug and alcohol testing/collections, hearing testing, Spirometry, Qualitative and Quantitative mask fit testing, vision screening, and many other services.

The University of Alberta’s Occupational OH&S Certificate Program is pleased to honour students who possess the Qualified Health & Safety Officer (QHSO™) professional designation. Candidates who receive their QHSO Certification will receive a maximum exemption of 21 hours towards the “Enrichment Seminar” requirement of the OH&S Certificate Program. Students meeting the admission requirements can apply for exemption credit by completing the Application for Exemption.