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June 22, 2017 – Calgary, Ab – SafetyVantage Inc.

SafetyVantage is pleased to announce that the SafetyVantage Ground Disturbance for Supervisors 201  online training course is now ABCGA endorsed. The online program has been assessed by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) against ABCGA Ground Disturbance 201 Standard (previously known a ADPC Ground Disturbance Level II).

Now, employers involved in trenching, excavating, and other ground disturbing activities can provide their employees with access to convenient training material, on the go. Employees can train from tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices in their offices, trucks, or in the comfort of their own home. This SafetyVantage course is best-in-class, industry-approved, and has the highest quality content to ensure that employees not only gain the information they need, but retain it, so they can work safely.

For the launch, this course is available for only $74.95, the most affordable rate of any ABCGA-endorsed course in the industry (Use Coupon Code: ABCGA). This offer is valid for a limited time.

What is the ABCGA?
The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) is the provincial partner of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) and is an open membership organization represented by industry members dedicated to:

  • Improving worker safety
  • Enhancing public safety
  • The protection of the environment

Essentially the ABCGA promotes effective ground disturbance practices and damage prevention. The ABCGA Endorsement of the SafetyVantage Ground Disturbance for Supervisors course provides employers, purchasers of ground disturbance services, and operators of buried facilities with the confidence that SafetyVantage certificate holders have received consistent and accurate information that meets the industry-approved standard.

SafetyVantage Ground Disturbance for Supervisors - ABCGA Endorsed

Involvement in developing the ABCGA Ground Disturbance Training Standard

The SafetyVantage founders have been members of the ABCGA (previously Alberta Damage Prevention Council) for over 9 years. Throughout our involvement we have been strong proponents of, and active participants in, the development of an online course standard for the industry. With a continuously changing industry, companies must look at new and innovative ways to cut costs and improve employee empowerment and engagement. Online training enables companies to significantly lower costs per trainee, provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to content, results in better content retention, and eases the deployment of training to a large workforce.

Next Steps 

Purchase Ground Disturbance for Supervisor training here.

For companies looking to decrease the time they spend:

  • Administering training certificates
  • Setting retraining dates
  • Training a seasonal workforce

Take Ground Disturbance For Supervisors – ABCGA Endorsed  now – $89.95

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